An overview of the shortest website builders

The website builder is a wonderful option

The website builder is a wonderful option for those who want to create a website with their own hands, with no need for my own programming. Prote, we all want our sites to be on top.

Regardless of what you want yourself: a business card site, a site for a small corporation, or an online store for selling self-made toys, site designers will give you such an opportunity. Ale in skin barrels of honey is its own spoonful of dog. In this case, transferring such a site to another hosting with more constructors will be tricky, everything will need to be redone manually.

What is a website builder, pros and cons of website builders

Website Builder is the most simple and smart way to create your website. You will deny access to various ready-made templates and prepared functional blocks of the site. With their help, you can easily construct your online resource.

At the same time, it is necessary to choose a template, which will sound according to the subject of the site. Then you drag the blocks to the website according to the “drag-and-drop” principle in the required space for the template to add the necessary functionality.

To the greatest achievements of site designers, you can add:

  • Neumovirna simplicity vikoristannya.
  • Speed ​​of creation of sites.
  • More hosters to promote the website constructor as part of the hosting services.
  • A lot of cost-free options.
  • The work on the online resource is carried out in a web browser. Tse allows you to work on the site with any computer, as well as one hour withdekilkoh outbuildings.

About the shortfalls, what can I say:

  • Templates and functional blocks of furniture.
  • Even a great and folding resource cannot be created.

Obviously, you don’t create a unique online resource for the help of the designer, the shards of richly koristuvachiv vikoristovuyut such a template. If your project grows faster, then at the same time you may need to expand your capabilities and functionality.

For whom, an online website builder is powerless.

Regardless of the minuses, use the simplest website builder that allows you to launch your site quickly and without any special efforts. And for the improvement of the obviousness of the cost-free options, you will spare more.

Free website builder

Free website builders are also safe and easy. Call the day of the need to pay and be covered by advertising on your site or exchange functionality in a cost-free version.

Let’s take a look at the most important propositions among the cost-free designers. Tsey looking around will help you to choose the best cost-free website builder.


Creating a website based on it is simple even for those who are creating an online resource for the first time.

The template database includes 200 design options. There is an option for resources of any topic: business, cooking, travel, service sector, landing pages, business cards and much more.

In addition, the chosen template contains a set of thematic images of good quality. You can use them to create high-quality website content that attracts users.

As for the possible functionality of the online project, you will get the opportunity to configure more than 20 additional elements. Including:

  • Cards.
  • Buttons.
  • Contact forms with the site owner.
  • Embedded videos from YouTube.
  • Social network widgets.
  • Calendar.
  • Tables.
  • Payment systems.
  • HTML code.
  • Such a variety of additional elements allows you to get the resource you want.

There is no admin part in the constructor. All changes are immediately displayed on the page you are working from. This is convenient when choosing elements of design and formatting (font, color, pictures).

Editing is simple: select the desired element in the panel, drag it to the desired place on the page and work with the element with confidence.

SitePro allows you to create responsive sites. This means that your online resource will work both in desktop browsers and on mobile devices.

If the audience of your online resource is representatives of different regions, then SitePro allows you to create multilingual resources. For this, there is a special widget that allows you to select the necessary set of languages ​​for displaying the site.

Not the last place in the functionality of the designer is occupied by SEO settings. SitePro allows you to work with text, to write such elements as title, description and keywords for each page separately.


  • The site builder is suitable for beginners.
  • 200 design templates.
  • You can use your own domain name.
  • The functionality allows you to create even an online store.
  • The site builder can be transferred to your own hosting. That is, the site can be moved from one hoster to another.
  • Free trial period of 30 days.
  • Ability to create mail based on the domain name linked to the site.
  • Free site builder without ads.


Limited functionality compared to CMS.
Few templates for online stores.


WIX is rich in templates. Tse rob yoga more easily as a platform for creating websites. The constructor added about everything: lawyers, musicians and designers – all the signs are broken down by categories for a quick joke, and you can choose leather, which you will relish.

The skin template for the site is available in a variety of colors. You can win as a designer of blogs, and as a designer of a business card site, or something more foldable.

The WIX garni constructor is also oriented towards beginners. Leather element of the master’s security with a report about the yogi voicing. If the text option is not suitable, and if you want to see what it’s like to work, WIX may have video tutorials from such tools: adjusting fonts, choosing colors and background for the site, adding images, text and photo galleries, as well as improving SEO.

The constructor may have a user friendly interface. To add an element to the side, you just need to drag it from the toolbar. But when changing the template, you have to work hard to put everything in its place, since the templates in WIX are not interchangeable.

If you don’t know English, don’t worry. The WIX website builder supports its administrative part in translation into non-language languages, including German, Polish, French. WIX tezh to translate.

One of the unacceptable moments in WIX is the advertising of the platform itself on the sides of an already published site.

Wix site builders have pluses and minuses that indicate steps:


  • a large number of templates;
  • intuitively intelligent interface;


  • when changing the template, the content will be re-arranged;
  • in the non-cash version – website-builder advertising;
  • in a non-cash version for the website.


Strikingly is a simple website builder for when you need to quickly create a one-sided website for free. Strikingly is also considered to be that type of constructor, what you do, so that when you publish a site on the Internet, you will look the same way.

The interface of organizations is easy to access: to add an element, it is necessary to drag it onto the working area.

Strikingly has a lot of barwish templates, but in the no-cost mode, you can beat more than one of them. The unacceptable moment in Strikingly is the availability of a free SSL certificate.


intuitively intelligent interface.


  • valid SSL-certificate in the free version;
  • exchange of possibilities for personalization of templates;
  • up to five sides on the site and only one product in the free version.
  • For all tariffs of the Crimean Highway Constructor, the designer takes 2-5% commission from transactions on your site.
  • If you want more freedom and more options for your website, you can always try full virtual hosting.


Absolutely cost-free online website builder from Google. This made it possible to improve the integration of the supplement with other products of the company: cards, presentations, calendar, etc.

Imovirno, the day of payment is grounded by the meagerness of the possibilities of the program. You can choose from a total of 6 templates. Їх design is basic and simple. Three pluses can mean a good adaptation of all templates to mobile devices.

This cost-free platform for the site allows you to win your domain through integration with Google myBusiness. But such a possibility is only for legal entities, as they can confirm the foundation of the company.

Editing the site is available through a desktop browser, as well as mobile attachments.

What does SEO-optimization cost, forget about it. Find the possibility of a minimal change in the name of the description every day.

Cost-free maydanchik for a site like Google pidide for launching e-mail extensions, side pages, business card sites with external advertising (for example, social media), or for internal and working resources, they do not require advertising. Ale no more.


  • Free
  • Good integration with Google products.


  • Too few templates.
  • Interchange functional.
  • Impossibility of SEO-optimization.


An unusual constructor compared to those that we have already considered. It is a free offline application for Windows and MacOS as well as Android. This is convenient for working without an Internet connection, but requires separate costs for good hosting.
After installing the application, you will be able to create a website in a visual editor with drag-and-drop functionality.

You will have a large selection of templates and more than 1500 functional blocks. The templates are divided thematically and differ from each other not only in the visual component of the design.

The difference is noticeable in the structure and layout of the elements. Each block can be flexibly customized to suit your needs.

The constructor is suitable for beginners in website building. You can create business card sites for companies and individuals, portfolios and even shops. All created online resources are adapted for mobile devices.

You can configure SEO parameters for each individual page of the site (title, description). In the constructor, you can connect different extensions, but not all of them are free.


  • Simple editor.
  • Responsive templates.
  • Large selection of additional blocks.
  • Flexible setting.
  • Application for Android.


  • Lack of Russian language for the interface.
  • The need to use third-party hosting.
  • Many necessary basic options at an additional cost.

Of the listed website builders, each has its own advantages and is designed for specific purposes.

If you are just starting out, try different types of website builders. Take test periods and create them in the constructors at least on one page. This will help to compare them from a practical point of view.

Before the final choice, you should think about the future fate of the site. It should work stably and, preferably, regardless of third-party services. This will allow, if necessary, to save the site and move it to any hosting.